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Parent, Teacher, Community



2013 - 2014 Officers

President Sarina S. Lirette
(985) 665-9103
Vice President Tara Bergeron
(985) 665-1648
Secretary Cally Trosclair
(985) 223-2705
Treasurer Jessica Falgout
ERC Parents Dawn LaJaunie
Sandi Neil

Label Collection Program

Please send Box Tops, Community Coffee UPCs and Tyson Project A+ labels.  Be sure to properly submit your labels so your child and his/her homeroom teacher get  the proper credit. WE NO LONGER ACCEPT COKE PRODUCT CODES AND LABELS FOR EDUCATION.


Math at Home:  How Parents Can Help
Tips for Multiple Choice Items
*Read the problem and determine what strategy or operation to use.
* Use estimation if possible to determine a reasonable answer.
*Use scratch paper if regrouping is required.
*Read all answer choices.
*Eliminate answers that do not make sense.
*If the answer you got is not one of the choices, check for calculation mistakes.

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